Meet the Pricing Co-Pilot
for your Retail Business.

No more shooting in the dark with clearance sales, large discounts or sweeping price changes. Supercharge your team with an AI-based pricing and promotional planning system that guarantees profit and revenue gains.

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Are you pricing like it's 1999?

Say goodbye to your spreadsheets, and let us move you to the modern price stack.

What problems are you solving for?

Seasonal Price Refresh

New season, new finance targets! Refresh your price plan as you need it - weekly, monthly, quarterly.

Catch Bad Price Changes

Monitor the health of your business with configurable alerting.

Dynamic Price Adjustments

Turn on price automation, and let Luca update your prices based on demand and supply signal.

React to Competitors

Stay competitive, and ensure you are never under or overpriced.

Launch a Product Bundle

Identify opportunities to run discounts for groups of products that belong together.

Run a Clearance Sale

Manage excess inventory with a data-driven markdown strategy.

Free Shipping Thresholds

Optimize free shipping thresholds to maximize AOVs.

Black Friday Promo Planning

No more site-wide 50% discounts. Take a nuanced view to product and category level promotions.

Built for operators

Your business needs are unique.
Luca makes sure you retain strategic control.

AI-Powered, Human-Steered.

Luca allows Operators to make decisions on steroids, allowing them to confidently act on clear pricing recommendations with a click of a button.

Hands On Integration Support.

Get up and running with Luca under 7 days, with integrations supported on every major commerce platform, ERP system and via custom APIs.

Full Configurability

Luca allows you to configure objectives and constraints at the level of granularity you need -- Store-level, Category-level, Geo-level or even SKU-level.

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