Meet the modern Pricing Engine for retailers.

Luca’s AI-powered pricing engine uses sales patterns and market intelligence to recommend prices, guaranteeing profit and revenue gains.

these companies make more money with Luca

Say goodbye to your spreadsheets.

We are the former Uber Pricing team on a mission to make Big Retail pricing tech available to your business.

Retail Operators use Luca for these use cases

Seasonal Price Refresh

New season, new financial targets. Refresh your price plan as frequently as you need it - weekly, monthly, quarterly.

Catch Bad Prices Early

Overpriced? Underpriced? Let our Observation Platform monitor the health of your pricing strategy.

Dynamic Price Adjustments

Turn on automatic price updates, and let Luca adjust your prices based on market signal.

React to Competitors

Track and react to competitor price changes or discount campaigns by making your own changes.

Prevent Stockouts

Inventory aware pricing that prevents stockouts through proactive price adjustments.

Shift business goals

Automatically reprise when business strategy moves from 'growth at all costs' to 'profit maximization'.

Run discounts

Optimize your discount budget and user targeting with Luca's discount engine.

Respond to changing costs

Automatically update your pricing strategy based on a shift in costs.


We have 7 markets, 1000s of SKUs, constantly shifting competitive dynamics. Luca came in and transformed our processes.
Cezar Rachieru
VP Operations, Duffl
I looked at a lot of options before I picked Luca as our pricing provider. We feel really backed up with how quickly they've customized the solution and got the tool working for our business.
Ines Freytes
VP of Product, Laika
Luca has helped us establish pricing for our DTC Channel. Even though the tool is AI powered, I have full configurability on strategy and different needs that come with running a food business.
Michael Walter
Director of eCom, Nature's Path
We were trying to hit a profitability target while holding our units volume steady. We needed a Pricing Engine that could hit two birds with one stone! Luca helps us do just that.
Lynn Chim
Amazon Manager, MBX


Luca is a platform built for operators


Understand the role of your product catalog in business performance


Orient Luca's pricing engine to your business goals and constraints


AI powered intelligence, that doesn't feel like a blackbox

Customer Support

1 hour weekly to consult with our data science team on your pricing strategy.

Onboarding Support

Integration with all major ecommerce and ERP systems.

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